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At the Potter League, we realize there is more to a happy and fulfilled pet than food, water and veterinary care. Enrichment, socialization and training are a big part of the experience we provide for the animals in our care as well as those in the community.

SophiaThrough shelter programs using volunteers to train dogs, socialize shy cats and provide opportunities to enrich the animals' lives while at the shelter, we increase the adoptability of these homeless pets, giving them a better chance at a new life. Our dog training classes provide a place for people to come who are experiencing behavior problems or ones that simply want a better behaved pet. Our playgroups for puppies and small breed dogs offer a safe environment for dog-social dogs to play and interact.

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"Our dog Nala is often at the Potter League attending class or activity. She is SO playful and fun. She is known as the class clown at her play groups. Anywhere we go, she goes. She has brought so much laughter to so many who have met her."
Stephanie and Brian

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