Disaster Preparedness

One of the best things pet owners can do is to prepare our families for hurricanes, floods, winter storms and other natural disasters. Disasters such as house fires can strike suddenly without any advance warning and you could be forced to evacuate your home. Make a plan for your pets as we do for ourselves before, during and after a disaster. 

Here are some helpful planning tips

CatsPlan ahead before a disaster strikes:

  • Keep your pets vaccinations current and your paperwork easily accessible
  • Be sure to have a collar with proper identification and a rabies tag
  • Make sure your pet has been spayed or neutered
  • Make a list, including phone numbers, of potential refuges for you and your pet including shelters, veterinary clinics, friends and relatives
  • Make a list of pet-friendly hotels/motels
  • Keep a crate around in case you need to evacuate
  • Prepare an emergency pet care kit including 3-5 days of food, water/food bowls, cat litter and litter box, leash, medications, first aid kit and cleaning supplies
  • Make sure your pets are wearing up to date ID tags and keep current photos with you should you and your pet get separated
  • NEVER leave a pet outside under any circumstances

For more information and resources:

Advice for animal owners facing a disaster, such as a severe storm or emergency evacuation

Prepare Pets for RI Emergency [PDF]


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