Fetching Friends Transport Program

The Potter League's Fetching Friends Transport Program is a life-saving program for animals that are transported to our shelter from other parts of the country where extreme pet overpopulation and high euthanasia rates due to kennel overcrowding are the norm.

We have been actively transporting dogs and puppies since 1996 and each year we are encouraged by the well-socialized and friendly dogs that arrive and the fabulous adopters that take them home. While the majority of animals we bring into the shelter are dogs, Fetching Friends also saves cats from over-populated shelters or hoarding cases that may otherwise be euthanized.

Transport DogTransporting domestic animals is an involved process with many regulations, permits and guidelines. Over the years, the regulations and procedures set by the State of Rhode Island for bringing pets across state borders and from other facilities have gotten stricter and tighter to ensure, to the best of anyone’s ability, that the animals being brought into the state are healthy. The Potter League is in compliance with all of these regulations and holds a Category A License with the Animal Health Division of the R.I. Department of Environmental Management. Our registration is required to be renewed annually. These regulations are crucial because health concerns should never be a barrier for transport programs, they should only work to improve the lives of the animals and their potential adopters.

When our Fetching Friends transport van arrives with our new four-footed friends, the animals are isolated for a number of days while they are evaluated medically and behaviorally. This isolation period also allows the animals time to acclimate themselves to the changes in their environment and allows the staff to get to know their new charges.

Through our Fetching Friends program we’ve saved more animals and made more adopters happy due to the expansion of the exposure of our shelter. We’ve also gained a better understanding of other shelters’ needs, problems and frustrations and used those in turn to help us improve our own.

Feel good, give hope.

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