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pet photo




Domestic Shorthair


10 years and 1 month



We can’t begin to tell you how incredibly special Zack is. Quite simply, Zack is a big, black senior cat. He is quite rotund, actually. We’re talking about some serious portly poundage. In all honesty, Zack is probably the meatiest cat you will ever meet. This means, he is a whole lotta podgy kitty to love. And love him, you will, the second you lay your eyes upon him. Zack is not a zippy cat… He’s more like a roly-poly liquid that pours about when you tip the surface. He’s not really into tricks and antics, he’s more of a napper and part-time observer. Zack is looking to thrive in a home where his adopter(s) can help him manage his diet and exercise regime (think old school Weight Watchers and Jane Fonda). We are positively enamored with our tubby, chubby Zack, and we can’t wait for the person(s) who falls as hard for him as we have. Are you that person? Learn more about Zack at www.potterleague.org. If you want to feast your eyes on his sweet, beefy physique and get to see his personality, come in to our Animal Care and Adoption Center to inquire about him!

For more information about this animal, call: Potter League for Animals at (401) 846-8276


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