Finding a Pets-Allowed Apartment

The internet has made it easier to find a pet friendly apartment.

Click here to find some helpful websites that allow you to search for apartments that are pet friendly, as well as some pet-friendly properties.

Here are some helpful guidelines to help you in your search for an apartment that allows pets:

  • Give yourself enough time! Start your search as soon as you know you need to move.
  • Don’t answer ads that say “No pets.”
  • Find a realtor who will search for pet friendly apartments for you.
  • Check all newspapers – local neighborhood shops as well as the big daily papers and internet resources.
  • Stay away from larger rental communities with no pet policies – it is harder for them to make exceptions – try individual home and condominium owners.

Finding an apartment that will accept your pet often depends on your ability to market yourself as a responsible pet owner. Here are some suggestions on how to put your and your pet’s best paw forward.

  • Write a pet resume. Include information about the age of your pet, whether youspayed or neutered, personal hygiene and behavioral (training background, character traits) description of your pet and about you as a pet owner. Be sure to include your veterinarian’s name and phone number along with other personal references.
  • Ask for a letter of recommendation from your veterinarian, former landlords, and neighbors to document that you are a responsible pet owner.
  • If your dog has attended training classes – class certifications or proof of attendance may be beneficial.
  • Documentation that your pet is spayed/neutered,vaccinated against rabies, and up to date on veterinary care.
  • Offer to let your prospective landlord meet your pet and see your current apartment.
  • Offer to pay a reasonable pet-damage deposit or secure liability insurance to cover the cost of any pet-related damage.
  • Offer to accept a short-term lease where your landlord can see if you and your pet are acceptable as long-term tenants. Make sure you get in writing the terms of the short-term lease and advance notification time requirements.
  • Offer to negotiate an addendum to the lease that indicates what the landlord expects of you and your animal.
  • Market yourself – pet owners are more likely to stay put since pet friendly housing is difficult to find. Let prospective landlords know that you understand their concerns and agree that living with a pet is not a right but a privilege that you take very seriously.